January 2023

Paving the Way to Better Glaucoma Care in Europe

Tip of the Month
Be aware of obstructive sleep apnoea as a risk factor for the development or progression of glaucoma
Contributor: René Höhn, MD, FEBO, Eyeparc AG, Bern, Switzerland

The new Fellowship programme is now open
for applications for 2023!

This new project aims to provide candidates who fulfil the EGS requirements here, with high quality glaucoma training within UEMS member countries. This one-year programme is matching standards of theoretical and practical knowledge published on the EGS website (weblink). The final goal of this project is to harmonize glaucoma training across Europe while providing high-quality glaucoma care and building a solid basis for upcoming leaders in the field.

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EGS Members' Meeting - Reykjavík, Iceland, 14-15 July 2023

Registration for the Members' Meeting in Reykjavík opening soon

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10th World Glaucoma Congress (Rome, Italy, 28/06/2023 – 01/07/2023)

Welcome to new EGS members

Prof. Luca Agnifili
Dr Erik Chankiewitz
Dr Clarisa Del Hierro
Dr Girum Gessesse

Dr Mehmet Talay Koylu
Ms Deborah Loi
Mr David Lunt
(United Kingdom)
Dr Vanita Pathak Ray

Dr Lauren Van Lancker
(United Kingdom)
Dr Sarah Vez

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