March 2021

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The EGS sends a special thank you to the former EGS president Roger Hitchings for his service as the “Tip of the Month” reviewer for many years

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Dr Nese Alagoz
Dr Geoffrey Chan
(United Kingdom)
Dr Jean Remi Fenolland
Dr Theodoros Filippopoulos

Dr Dimitrios Giannoulis
Dr Arno Haus
Dr Prashant Jindal
(United Kingdom)
Dr Christina Keskini

Dr Robert Kromer
Dr Sanna Leinonen
Dr Ana Miguel
Dr Susanna Mirumyan

Dr Theofanis Pappas
Dr Umair Qidwai
(United Kingdom)
Dr Tommaso Salgarello
Dr Sicco Schwartzenberg

Dr Jesper Skov
Ms Alexandra Trivli
Dr Sevasti Tsironi
Dr Pablo Urzua De La Luz

Dr Anders Vestergaard
Dr Jusuf Wijaya

New Educational Videos’ Series
Ask the Experts

The EGS has developed a series of 10 short videos from world renowned experts in glaucoma. All immediately available to members (click here). For non-members, one video will be released each month.

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