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Dr Danilo Andrade De Jesus
Dr Bryan C H Ang
Dr Natalia Bakunina
(Russian Federation)
Dr Eran Berkowitz
Dr Karmiris Efthymios
Prof Aleksey Egorov
(Russian Federation)
Dr Glenda Espinosa Barberi
Dr Itay Elimelech Gabbay
Dr Alina Korneeva
(Russian Federation)
Dr Celina Rosa Logioco
Dr Selma Mahmah
Dr Francesco Matarazzo
(United Kingdom)
Prof El Afrit Mohamed Ali
Dr Oleg Onufriychuk
(Russian Federation)
Dr Joana Pereira
Dr Renata Puertas
(United Kingdom)
Dr Aron Szabo
Dr Astrianda Suryono
Dr. Natalia Volkova
(Russian Federation)
Dr Dong Yuhong
Dr Azizbek Zakhidov


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Save the date for the 40th Anniversary EGS Congress in Brussels 30th May - 2nd June 2020

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2020 14th EGS European Glaucoma Residents' Course
March 27-28, Lisbon, Portugal

2020 14th EGS Congress & 40th Anniversary
May 30 - June 2, Brussels, Belgium

2021 Members' Meeting
Summer 2021

2022 15th EGS Congress
June 4-7


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