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Tip of the Month
Tip of the month - Transconjunctival suturing techniques to treat over-filtration following trabeculectomy
Transconjunctival suturing techniques to treat over-filtration following trabeculectomy

Publishing date: February 2023

Hypotony is a recognised complication following filtration surgery such as trabeculectomy (1). Where this is due to over-filtration, intervention may be required to reduce filtration and prevent long-term vision loss.

Transconjunctival suturing is one treatment option that avoids the need to open the conjunctiva. This is either in a direct manner with sutures passed through the scleral flap radially (2), or indirectly by placing the scleral passes distally on either side of the trabeculectomy flap to create a compressive effect over the flap (3). Sutures can be subsequently removed to increase flow or left in situ where they pass through the conjunctiva and end up in the subconjunctival space and are no longer exposed.

Contributor: Jonathan Yu FRCOphth - Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, UK


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