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"Congratulations for the new thinking and the new wind! A great job!"
"I really enjoyed the meeting and was amazed that these sort of intimate activities could be done with such a large audience."
"I really valued the opportunity to talk to clinicians generally and clinicians from different countries in particular; I believe this two-way dialogue is really important in improving care."
"What a great event, there was good interaction from patient’s and professionals, and I am sure that you will have rich and relevant content to meet the objectives."
"The whole meeting, especially the workshop, was very inspiring. I cannot remember of another glaucoma meeting in which so many voices were heard. It was an absolute pleasure and a privilege to be part of it."
"The meeting was great and I heard a lot of comments of appreciations from the perticipants both for the innovative content and for the interactive format. The feeling is that a European community of glaucoma people is building up for the first time with large potentialities to work together to improve glaucoma care in Europe."
"Congratulations once again for the great EGS members' meeting . This will certainly be one meeting I will remember in the years to come."
"It was a fantastic meeting, it will certainly remain in the annals of the EGS. The feedback is excellent."

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