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13th European Glaucoma Residents' Course
Mainz, 8-9 February 2019

Welcome and introduction to the Course
Welcome and introduction to the course
David Garway-Heath
Welcome and introduction to the course
Norbert Pfeiffer

Session 1
Terminology, treatment principles, individualized treatment
David Garway-Heath
Randomized-controlled trials
Augusto Azuara Blanco
Cost-effectiveness of glaucoma care
Anja Tuulonen

Session 2
Intraocular pressure, tonometry
Ingrida Januleviciene
Primary angle-closure
John Thygesen
Secondary angle-closure
Luis Abegao Pinto

Session 3
Primary congenital forms / childhood glaucomas
Franz Grehn
Primary open-angle glaucomas
Ingrida Januleviciene
Secondary glaucomas
Carlo Enrico Traverso

Session 4
General principles of glaucoma treatment & target
David Garway-Heath
Antiglaucoma drugs - Part I
Gábor Holló
Antiglaucoma drugs - Part II
Francesco Oddone

Session 5
Laser surgery
Andrei Brezhnev
Trabs and tubes
Alain Bron
Newer glaucoma surgeries
Norbert Pfeiffer

Round Table
Round table
Esther Hoffmann, Verena Prokosch-Willing

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