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Pearls from the EGS Guidelines
Pearls from the EGS Guidelines
Adherence to glaucoma medication

Publishing date: July 2019

Pearls Manager: Andrew Tatham

Obstacles to glaucoma medication adherence include; 1) situational and environmental factors such as major life events or unpredictable lifestyle; 2) medication factors including medication costs, side effects and complicated dosing regimens; 3) patient factors including comorbidities and poor understanding of the disease; and 4) provider factors such as poor communication. The most important measures for improving adherence are informing the patient about their disease and finding a therapeutic regimen which fits in with their lifestyle. A patient who complains about side effects is not usually adherent to therapy.

EGS Guidelines, 4th edition, Page 159.

Reference: Tsai JC, McClure CA, Ramos SE, et al. Compliance barriers in glaucoma: a systematic classification. J Glaucoma 2003;12(5):393-8.

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