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NGP Papers archive
Here you can find all the previously published NGP Papers.

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Long-term Impact of Immediate Versus Delayed Treatment of Early Glaucoma: Results From the Early Manifest Glaucoma Trial (PDF) - Sep 2023

Comparison of Trabeculectomy Outcomes Performed by Residents in Training and Ophthalmologists (PDF) - Jun 2023

The relationship between multiple deprivation and severity of glaucoma at diagnosis (PDF) - Mar 2023

Effect of trabeculectomy on the rate of progression of visual field damage (PDF) - Dec 2022

External Validation and Clinical Applicability of Two Optical Coherence Tomography-Based Risk Calculators for Detecting Glaucoma (PDF) - Sep 2022

Intravenous hypertonic saline to reduce intraocular pressure: the effect of splitting the bolus (PDF) - Jun 2022

Intraocular Pressure and Its Relation to Ocular Geometry: Results From the Gutenberg Health Study (PDF) - Mar 2022

Virtual Reality-Based and Conventional Visual Field Examination Comparison in Healthy and Glaucoma Patients (PDF) - Dec 2021

The glaucoma intensive treatment study: interim results from an ongoing longitudinal randomized clinical trial (PDF) - Sep 2021

Improving the Power of Glaucoma Neuroprotection Trials Using Existing Visual Field Data (PDF) - Jun 2021

Correlations Between Subjective Evaluation of Quality of Life, Visual Field Loss, and Performance in Simulated Activities of Daily Living in Glaucoma Patients (PDF) - Mar 2021

The Mont Blanc Study: The effect of altitude on intra ocular pressure and central corneal thickness (PDF) - Dec 2020

Mutations in SPATA13/ASEF2 Cause Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma (PDF) - Sep 2020

Glaucoma Gel Implant Learning Curve in a Teaching Tertiary Hospital (PDF) - Mar 2020

Intravenous Hypertonic Saline to Lower Intraocular Pressure in Ocular Hypertension and Primary Open-angle and Exfoliation Glaucoma (PDF) - Dec 2019

Prevalence of Treatment With Glaucoma Medication in Scotland, 2010-2017 (PDF) - Jul 2019

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