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Clinical Paper of the Month - Clinical classification of childhood glaucomas
Clinical classification of childhood glaucomas

Publishing date: July 2010

Author(s): Yeung HH, Walton DS

Department of Pediatrics, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

OBJECTIVE: An updated classification of the primary and secondary childhood glaucomas is offered for clinical use, and associated systemic diseases are included to enable their early recognition in children with known glaucoma.

METHODS: Approximately 650 clinical records of patients with pediatric glaucoma were reviewed for type of glaucoma and associated systemic disease. A literature search was done for additional reported causes of childhood glaucoma. Previous classifications of pediatric glaucomas were also reviewed. Pertinent references to support inclusion of each clinical entity in the updated classification are included.

RESULTS: A comprehensive and referenced classification of the pediatric glaucomas was enabled by this review.

CONCLUSION: A comprehensive, etiologically based classification of the pediatric glaucomas is now available to assist with the recognition of the many causes of primary and secondary glaucoma in childhood and to support the selection of specific treatment choices.

Clinical Paper of the Month manager: Andreas Boehm

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