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Frequent Questions

1) Do I need to pass the EBO exam before applying to the EGS European – wide Glaucoma Fellowship program?

While the EBO – diploma is not mandatory, candidates who have successfully past the EBO comprehensive exam will be considered with priority for the EGS Fellowship program

2) Is this Fellowship program only for doctors who are certified in the same country as the teaching centre? For example if I am a Norwegian or Italian, or Austrian doctor, can I apply to the EGS European – wide Glaucoma Fellowship program in the German accredited training centre in Mainz?

This Fellowship program is a national project created in order to overcome administrative and medico-legal difficulties with encountered with international fellowships. Therefore you can only apply if you have a licence to practice in the German teaching centre (Mainz) delivered by the German authority AND if you are fluent in German language.

3) How is the EGS financial support of 30’000 Euros transferred to the fellow?

The EGS signs a contract with each of the training centres and their institutions (University Hospital). This contract will ensure that the entire amount will be distributed to the fellow. It is the institution who decides together with the fellow on the way of payment (monthly or trimesterially).

4) Does the institution provide other financial support then the 30’000 Euros offered by the EGS?

It is not mandatory, but if the institution considers and has the resources and the possibility to pay the fellow in addition to the EGS financial support, this lies in the institutions hands and is independent of the EGS.

5) Can the institution take advantage of my presence and ask me to fill in with other activities in the department other than glaucoma (on call, general clinics, urgencies, etc)?

No, the financial contract between the EGS and the institution stipulates that the fellow should be free of any other obligations in order to dedicate the full time to glaucoma training. However if the institution offers some other activities useful for the fellow’s curriculum, this remains an “au bien vouloir “between the fellow and the institution.

6) Are there other centres in my country where I can apply for the EGS European – wide Glaucoma Fellowship program?

The EGS is currently accrediting several new national training centres in various European UEMS and associate countries. Please check our website where we constantly update the list of EGS accredited training centres.

7) Will the institution provide housing?

No, the institution does not organizing the Fellow’s housing. However during the interview with the institution the fellow may ask for practical help.

8) Is the institution covering my medico-legal insurance during the Fellowship period?

Yes, the institution is covering the fellow’s professional insurance while working in the given training centre.

9) Is the FEBOS – Glaucoma exam mandatory after the Fellowship?

Yes, within 2 years after completion of the fellowship.

10) Can the Fellowship be started later than September 1st of the given year?

Only In exceptional conditions and with the accordance of the EGS this can be discussed with the given institution.

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