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Fellowship Programme

To support a 1-year fellowship in the centres listed below.
  • Other centres can also be considered for a fellowship, if a motivation for this choice is provided in the application letter.


18.000 €
  • Three allotments 6.000 € (six thousand euros).
  • If necessary, the applicant must be prepared to find additional funds to complete the 1-year fellowship.

Eligibility to Apply

Young ophthalmologist who
  • has completed or is in the final stages the residency
  • has special interest in glaucoma
  • desires to spend a one-year fellowship in a major glaucoma centre/department in Europe
  • who works and resides within the geographical boundaries of Europe
Being proficient in modern cataract surgery is regarded a benefit.

Application Process

  • The applicant contacts the centre of interest and enquires the availability of fellowship.
  • The applicant fills in the mandatory online form and attaches all required attachments, including the positive response from the centre.
  • The EGS Secretary checks the application and requests references when necessary.
  • The EGS Secretary mails the completed application to the Training Support Committee for evaluation.
  • The Training Support Committee makes a recommendation of acceptance or rejection to the Executive Committee.
  • The EGS Secretary adds the recommendation of the Training Support Committee to the next Agenda of the Executive Committee meeting
  • After Executive Committee’s decision, the EGS Secretary informs the candidate
  • The applicants are kindly requested to note that due to availability of funds, not all applications may be funded, and that the decision may take up to 2 months depending on the timing of the Executive Committee meetings.

Payment of Fellowship Grant requires the following steps

Prior to the Fellowship

  • Becoming acquainted with the EGS Fellowship Curriculum (click here)
  • Developing a personal fellowship scheme and goals in collaboration with the supervisor, taking into account prior experience and knowledge in the items listed in the curriculum, e.g. starting with self-evaluation (1-5 scaling) as well including a reading plan for the required literature and readiness to research activities.

During the Fellowship

  • Keeping log-book according to the Curriculum and self-evaluating progression as well as actively asking for feed-back from the supervisor.
  • For the third payment of 6000 €, the awardee mails a positive progression report to the EGS secretary.

After the Fellowship

  • Writing a report to the EGS Executive Committee with a final self-evaluation and a feed-back from the supervisor, mailed to the EGS Secretary within one month after completion of the fellowship.

Payments scheme

  • The EGS Secretary mails the awardee the signed Certificate for fellowship Grant which advices the next administrative steps
    • The awardee mails to the EGS Secretary the letter of acceptance from the training centre including the period of the fellowship.
    • The awardee mails her/his bank data (IBAN and BIC codes) to the EGS Secretary for the first payment of 6000 €.
    • EGS Secretary forwards the confirmation of all completed steps of the process (including the bank details) to the EGS Treasurer for payment.
    • The Treasurer confirms the payment to the EGS secretary, who confirms the payment to the recipient.
    • The second payment will be executed at the beginning of the fellowship and the third 6 months after the beginning of the fellowship once the EGS Secretary has received a confirmation letter of the expected progression of the fellowship from the host centre.

The Glaucoma Centres so far willing to accept an observer or a fellow as a trainee are:

Belgium, University of Leuven (Ingeborg Stalmans)
France, Institut du Glaucome de Paris (Yves Lachkar)
Germany, University of Mainz (Esther Hoffmann)
Greece, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Fotis Topouzis)
Netherlands, Rotterdam Eye Hospital affiliated with Erasmus University Rotterdam (Hans Lemij)
Spain, Hospital Clinico San Carlos. Universidad Complutense Madrid (Julian Garcia Feijoo)
UK, Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust (Anthony King)

How to apply?

To apply for an EGS Fellowship, please fill in and send the following form (all the fields are mandatory):



Your e-mail address:

Accepted formats: DOC, DOCX or PDF, maximum file size 1Mb
Curriculum vitae (including the number and type of surgeries performed as first surgeon) (link to the structured CV):
List of publications and teaching activities of the last 3 years:
Letter of intent:
Letter of support from your present head of department:
Acceptance letter from the training centre:
Your photograph (jpg format only):

Please upload all the mandatory files

Best wishes,
Dr. Gordana Sunaric-Megevand
Geneva, Switzerland

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