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Educational slides from the EGS Guidelines - download

The EGS allows the use of its publications/educational products for personal or academic use as long as:
  • the intellectual property is explicitly and fully acknowledged
  • it is used without direct commercial purposes and/or without the endorsement of any specific product, treatment or procedure
  • it is not placed out of context nor in a context that may change the meaning and/or emphasis of the original
  • such material is reproduced exactly as the original, i.e. there are no changes in text, colors, highlights, format

For non academic, non personal use:
  • permission to use of the educational material in any type of media must be requested in writing and in advance
  • the proposed publication or media product is reviewed and approved in writing by the EGS

The EGS is bound by its role to defend the EGS copyrights and to prevent the content of all EGS publications being misrepresented, changed in colors and highlights, shown out of context in favor or disfavor of any specific treatment or procedure and/or used in any type of media for non-academic purposes without prior written approval.

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