Application for membership

  • Ordinary member
    • Ophthalmologists with a specific interest in glaucoma practicing within the geographical boundaries of Europe
  • Extraordinary Member
    • Ophthalmologist practicing outside Europe and with a specific interest in glaucoma and having a close relationship with the Society's activities
    • Scientist in the field of vision research
    • Former Ordinary Member who has retired from practice
    • Legal entity active in relation to Glaucoma (for instance, Patient Support Organization)
  • Honorary Fellow
    • The title of Honorary Fellow may be bestowed upon any person for meritorious services within the scope of the Society


  • The application process can take place at any time, with proposals being considered at the next Executive Committee Meeting.
  • The applicant submits
    1. A letter of recommendation from The National Glaucoma Society, or in countries without Glaucoma Society, an Ophthalmological Society
    2. The support of an Ordinary Member of the Society
  • The applicant fills in the mandatory online form and encloses the required attachments:
    • Curriculum vitae structured as follows:
      1. Residency training (date, hospital, city, country)
      2. Glaucoma fellowship if any (supervisor, date, hospital, city, country)
      3. Other type of glaucoma subspeciality training (supervisor, date, city, country)
      4. Years in glaucoma practise (date, hospital, city, country)
      5. Current position (starting date, hospital, city, country) including clinical glaucoma activities (number of glaucoma out-patients, visits and procedures per year)
      6. Teaching experience
      7. Research activities and interests
    • Photo and a copy of the passport (only for internal use within the EGS during the application process)
    • The above mentioned letter of recommendation from the national society.
  • The EGS Secretary checks the application and requests for complements when necessary.
  • The EGS Secretary mails the completed application to the Membership and National Society Committee for evaluating of the contents.
  • The Committee makes a recommendation of acceptance or rejection to the Executive Committee.
  • The EGS Secretary adds the recommendation of the Membership and National Society Committee to the next Agenda of the Executive Committee meeting.
  • The Executive Committee decides whether to grant the membership of the society to the applicant.
  • After Executive Committee's decision, the EGS Secretary informs the candidate about the decision.

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