EGS Executive Committee

The vision of the EGS is to promote the best possible well being and minimal glaucoma-induced
visual disability in individuals with glaucoma within an affordable healthcare system.

EGS Executive Committee

EGS Themes
EGS Committees
Develop interaction between academics and stimulate collaborative working to promote the vision
Promote evidence-based practice and life-long learning through systematic, comprehensive and often renewed training.
Communicate the importance of glaucoma, the EGS vision, missions, actions and their outcomes as well as promote cooperative partnerships between all stakeholders involved in glaucoma care
Facilitate delivery of uniform, evidence-based, high quality care at a sustainable cost across diverse European healthcare systems

SIGs (Special Interest Groups)
  • Groups of EGS members sufficiently interested in any topic to want to meet on occasions to exchange ideas
  • SIGs are approved by the Executive Committee
  • Participation within theme and with the Program Planning Committee (PPC)

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