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Imaging SIG

To advance the science of imaging in glaucoma care and to promote optimal use of imaging devices in glaucoma management.

Action plan

  • Organize an annual meeting
    • The goal is to exchange knowledge of the requirements, and the technical possibilities, for clinical imaging devices amongst imaging scientists, device manufacturers and clinicians
    • The style is small and workshop-like, with an emphasis on discussion
    • It provides a forum for clinical academics, physicists, computer scientists and statisticians to exchange knowledge and improve understanding in each other's respective fields to influence the direction of new research in clinically useful directions
    • The meeting aims foster collaborative working
  • Production of educational materials
    • Optic Nerve Head and Retinal Nerve Fibre Analysis book

David Garway-Heath
United Kingdom
Hans Lemij
EGS Guidelines on Imaging   •   Optic nerve head and retinal nerve fibre analysis  •   SIG Corner (April 2019)  •  Contact

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