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Application for NGP membership
Requirements to become an NGP

  • To be a member of EGS*
  • To be at least one of the following
    • a specialist in ophthalmology in her/his own country with special interest in glaucoma and that has received focused glaucoma training or a structured glaucoma fellowship of minimum 1 year
    • a scientist with focus on glaucoma research
  • To be recommended by a senior member of the EGS
  • To be motivated, willing and have the capacity to work within the EGS with the aim to help move future glaucoma care forward**
  • To write a motivation letter
  • To have a recommendation letter from the main mentor (glaucoma specialist) in charge of the focused glaucoma training/glaucoma fellowship.

* If you are not an EGS member yet, you are required to send a membership application before submitting the NGP application
** If NGPs don't attend the NGP days two years in a row without explanation, further invitations will not be sent out.

Only EGS members can access this reserved area.

If you are a member, please login. Thank you.

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