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Aims of the EGS Europe-wide Glaucoma FS project

The EGS Europe-wide Glaucoma FS project aims to provide candidates with high quality training and a recognised title. This project will define and organize a high-quality glaucoma FS program within UEMS member countries. This one-year program will match the EGS requirements and standards based on the EGS syllabus and logbook. The final goal of this project is to provide high-quality glaucoma care across Europe and build a solid basis for upcoming leaders in the field.

Since in continental Europe the heterogeneity in languages and medico-legal and administrative rules represents a relevant limit for international fellowships and exchanges among different countries/centres, the EGS will initiate the project at a national level, aiming to provide the FS program to candidates resident in the same country as the training centres (see requirements for candidates). At present, only a nationally based Europe-wide Fellowship program can provide a full clinical medical and surgical training in glaucoma in UEMS member countries. Therefore, the EGS identifies and certifies glaucoma centres within different UEMS member countries that fulfil EGS requirements and can offer a high-quality one-year training for candidates of the same country. By matching candidates with centres of the same country, the medico-legal, linguistic, and administrative constraints are lifted.

For the sake of standardisation, the EGS national FS is based on the official EGS syllabus and logbook (

This new EGS fellowship project replaces the previous international FS programs promoted by the EGS, which by the EGS definition is an observership.

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