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EBO-EGS Examinations
The European Board of Ophthalmology (EBO), in collaboration with the EGS, wishes to both increase general as well as subspecialty care in Europe. To do this it is offering the opportunity for ophthalmologists with particular interest in glaucoma to have their knowledge and expertise acknowledged. It will be achieved by an EBO Glaucoma Subspecialty Exam. Successful candidates will be awarded a diploma: the Glaucoma Subspecialty EBO Diploma.  This is expected to be recognized as a proof of advanced knowledge and competence in this field and contribute to raising the standards of glaucoma care in Europe.

For more information on the EBO-EGS examination, please click here.

Peter Watson Medal recipient
List of past EBO examinations and laureates:

  • EBO-EGS 2019 subspecialty exam (13 September 2019, Paris)
    Hana Abou Zeid (Switzerland)
    Blanca Monsalve Córdova (Spain)
    Ziad Khoueir (France)

  • EBO-EGS 2018 subspecialty exam (21 September 2018, Vienna)
    Luis Abegão Pinto (Portugal)
    Serhat Imamoglou
    Karl Mercieca (United Kingdom)
    Isil Pasaoglu
    Andreas Syrogiannis

  • EBO-EGS 2017 subspecialty exam (5 May 2017, Paris)
    Guven Yilmaz Suzan (Turkey)
    Suarez Jauregui Joel (Spain)
    March De Ribot Francesc (Spain)
    López López Fernando (Spain)
    Faria Pedro (Portugal)

  • EBO-EGS 2016 subspecialty exam (6 May 2016, Paris)
    Hirn Cornelia (Austria)
    Malik Rizwan (United Kingdom)
    Rodrigues Ian (United Kingdom)

  • EBO-EGS 2015 subspecialty exam (8 May 2015, Paris)
    Carbonaro Francis (United Kingdom)
    Dimitriou Chrysostomos (United Kingdom)
    Freitas Maria Da Luz (Portugal)
    Kayaarasi Ozturker Zeynep (Turkey)
    Kestelyn Philippe-Adriaan (Belgium)
    Posarelli Chiara (Italy)
    Raemdonck Tia (Belgium)
    Sevim Mehmet Sahin (Turkey)
    Utman Saqib Ali Khan (United Kingdom)

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