October 2017

Paving the Way to Better Glaucoma Care in Europe

EGS warmly welcomes the new President David (Ted) Garway-Heath and Vice-President Fotis Topouzis who take up their role on 1st January 2018.

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EGS Next Generation Partnership Event
and EGS Members' Meeting

London, 7th - 9th September 2017

The 2017 EGS Members' Meeting, which was hosted and perfectly organized by Professor David (Ted) Garway-Heath, was held in historical Church House, Westminster, London and was characterized by a new format.

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Made by
Frances Meier-Gibbons
Next Generation Partnership members Miriam Kolko, Hari Jayaram, Luis Pinto and Manuele Michelessi

Research funding opportunity: Human Brain Project

The HBP has been reorganised with 12 subprojects on different aspects of brain modelling. Some subprojects open calls for what they refer to as co-designed projects, i.e. projects which are aligned to the primary aims of the main project.

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