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EGS Guidelines 4th edition
Terminology and guidelines for glaucoma
(4th edition)

These Definitions and Guidelines for Glaucoma have been produced by the EGS with the aim of improving the mutual understanding of this disease in addition to providing a rational approach to the diagnosis and management of glaucoma. The work is intended to complement existing scientific literature and textbooks and serves as an aid to dealing with glaucoma in a rapidly changing medical and socio-economic environment.

The project was under the auspices of the EGS Committee for Education and Research and was reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee of the EGS.

We are grateful for the constructive criticism and novel ideas put forward by many colleagues who are experts in their field. A special vote of thanks is due to the generous financial support of the educational partners who made this production possible.

(available languages: English, French, German)

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ISBN: 978-88-98320-05-9 Editrice Publicomm s.r.l.

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